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Our history

1986 It was 1986 when in Albavilla, a group of entrepreneurs "pioneers", decided to create a company that was capable of creating avant-garde electronic products, using the typical Italian inventiveness and intuition at the service of the customer, offering a high-quality product.

1989 The first motorcycle anti-theft system called the FIDO MINIFULL was commissioned by Piaggio. Over the years that Group was able to achieve countless goals in terms of safety and reliability, placing the small company as a leader in the field of protection in the AUTOMOTIVE world.
Then, to the electronic division, the Toroidal Transformers production line was added. Approved by the most important certification bodies for safety such as IMQ,TUV and UL the Toroidal Transformers are still used in the lighting field and as driving force for professional coffee machines all over the world.

2015 Today, after 30 years the story continues. The Group of entrepreneurs had followed the employees themselves, becoming, in turn, pioneers in the mission to save that historic Brand. Driven by renewed passion and infinite enthusiasm, we felt almost obliged, also as a "moral duty" towards customers who for years has placed unconditional trust, not to disperse the knowledge acquired giving life to: Patrolline Group Società Cooperativa.

MISSION is still the same: we keep going on the path of research and innovation, offering even more technological products and capable of being in line with the constant evolution of our time.

Chi siamo

PATROLLINE GROUP invitiamo a scoprire i nostri prodotti:

  • Allarmi Elettronici per auto, camion e camper;
  • Allarmi Elettronici per motocicli e scooters;
  • Moduli Elettronici per alzacristalli elettrici;