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PatrolBike is a GPS/GSM tracker for both regular & electric bikes’ protection.

PatrolBike is a self-powered system, which can be activated by its APP via Bluetooth technology.

PatrolBike overall dimensions: 120 mm. length x 18,5 mm. diameter x 50 GR. WEIGHT ONLY!

You can create your own profile through “Sherlock Bike” free APP, this way you can generate a real “Bike Passport”. The model, the frame number & the picture of the bicycle itself will be stored into an official database for consultation.

With “Sherlock Bike” APP it is always possible to trace your bike.
How to use PatrolBike? Click on the APP!
And now, if the bicycle is moved, you can immediately receive a push notification on your Smartphone.
What does it happen when your bike is moved?
If the bicycle is being moved; you will receive immediately a push notification on your Smartphone.
Now, you can open the APP: you will find a “Tracking Code” label, you will click on it, to obtain the tracking number, you will copy & paste it on our website to track your bike.
The bicycle position refresh rate depends on the options set by the user on the APP (from 2 min. up to 4 h.*)

PatrolBike is easy to install. It can be placed into handlebars with an internal diameter equal or higher than 19 mm.
In case of higher diameters, we suggest to use some tape to reduce gap.