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"There are no more seasons than once", say our grandparents! And we add, not even the machines are the same!!

To contain the costs of the cars, manufacturers frequently give up the protection accessories, providing a base system that often is not totally effective prevention against malicious.
The electronics, which now composes and operates a vehicle, prevents the installation of any traditional protection systems.
Patrolline, following firsthand the ongoing digital development that cars are undergoing, has designed a series of "Can Bus digital theft" that can be integrated to the original electronic network of the car, and be identified as part of a complement thereof.
Thanks to our expertise in the digital branch, now extend and improve the original vehicle IMMOBILIZER system is easy and can!
An eye to offer it also in key installation: thanks to the use of the same original connectors, which make up the electrical components of the vehicle, we are able to get the connection PLUG & PLAY device. Resolving the vexed question of the guarantee. The plant will be also consistent with the guarantee offered by the manufacturer.
All our systems comply with the strictest standards of European approvals for quality and safety.

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